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Posted on December 8, 2016

Joshua Tree AirbnbJoshua Tree Turo Jeep Rental

Two great resources we utilized during the trip were Airbnb and Turo. The Airbnb was located on Jericho Way near Yucca Valley and Joshua Tree national Park. Don, the owner was very hospitable and welcoming. Check out his pad if you’re ever in the area » Don’s Airbnb « Through the app Turo we rented a soft top Jeep Wrangler, which was another great addition to the trip and was a blast driving through Joshua Tree.

Joshua Tree Turo Jeep Rental Joshua Tree Jeep Rental California

The intention of the trip was a fashion oriented photoshoot in Joshua Tree National Park and Palm Springs California. And what’s a better place for a bohemian styled shoot other than the barren desert of southern California? The forecast in December was highs of 70 and dropped to lows of 38 degrees at night (not ideal for astro photography but was the low tourist season). The trip consisted of 4 photographers @baileybayo, @bayleedennis, @heavinphotos, an elaborate wardrobe provided by stylist Jesi Wilkerson @taura.taura, jewelry provided by @jadefirco, and a large bag of props.

«« Below are photographs and locations near Joshua Tree which we explored during this trip as well as some travel tips for those who are interested in doing something similar »»

 Joshua Tree Quick Stops

It seemed as if every square inch of Joshua Tree was a stunning backdrop. Thus our first locations were just a pull off on the side of the road. The landscape was covered in the iconic and otherworldly Joshua trees as well as a wide variety of unique plant life.

We met up with photographer Vishnu (@hellovishnu) and his beautiful daughter near the Northern entrance of the park and he captured some amazing shots of the three of us near sunset.

Joshua TreeJoshua Tree

Free People Joshua Tree Urban Outfitters

Free People Joshua Tree Urban OutfittersDesert Plant Life Joshua TreeFree People Joshua Tree Urban Outfitters



 Arch Rock

Among all the Joshua trees were many unique rock formations that inhabit the park. Some popular spots are Arch rock and Skull rock, which are located near White Tank Campground. The area was breathtaking and resembled many of my daydreams.

Joshua Tree Arch RockFree People Joshua Tree Urban OutfittersDesert Plant Life
Free People Joshua Tree Urban OutfittersFree People Joshua Tree Urban Outfitters Skull
Free People Joshua Tree Urban Outfitters

Free People Joshua Tree

Free People Joshua TreeJoshua Tree Skull


Cholla Cactus Garden

The cholla cactus garden consisted of hundreds of the Cholla cactus also known as the “the jumping cactus” which lives up to its name. The sun shining through gave the cactus an allure that made you want to get close. However, even a mere touch will leave a person with bits of cactus. It may seem like a deterrent from this attraction, but trust me when I say it was 100% worth it.

Joshua Tree Cactus Garden Girl

Botanical Garden

The botanical garden was located in the heart of Palm Springs. It’s a family owned residence that was transformed into a living cactus museum. The garden was a display of many species of cactus, rocks, and fossils. A collection of over 3,000 plants in a little oasis. It was a treat just to visit this special place and I recommend you visit for yourself and burn some money on a few of these unique specimens.

Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium Desert

Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium Palm Springs

Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium Girl Model

Moorten Botanical Garden and CactariumMoorten Botanical Garden and CactariumMoorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium

Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium

Palm Springs Cactus

Palm Springs Dunes

I had a vision prior to the trip to set up a styled scene in the dunes of Palm Springs. The scene included candle sticks, vintage cameras, cow skull, and other small props that made up a bohemian inspired camp. The spot we ended up choosing for this scene was right of the side of the road right outside the city limits of Palm Springs.

Palm Springs Wanderlust

Palm Springs Bohemian


Free free to contact me if you have any questions on photography, travel, or shoots.

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